Evening Sessions

by Art Of Empathy

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1st full album


released April 10, 2007

Jef Janssen




Art Of Empathy Diest, Belgium

AOE is a Belgian one man project, founded by Jef Janssen. Its music can be described as a mixture between neofolk and darkwave: grounded on acoustic guitars, combined with dreamy or dark synths and whispering, haunting vocals. Sometimes dark romantic, sometimes apocalyptic. Always nature-loving, always driven by melancholy. ... more

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Track Name: Delightful Darkness
never forget
the last time
when you looked
with the eyes of a child

never forget
the child
in your own

first, there was this frightening sound
and after the children left the place
we were so exited to enter these dark realms

enter these realms
don’t be scared at all
welcome the nightfall
and don’t be scared at all

into these spheres
I felt the touch of your eyes
I saw the face of a truth
and the meaning of lies

I felt your lips in my neck
and the blade of a knife
I smelled the odour of death
and a marvellous life
Track Name: Winter's Dancing
keep the snowflakes in your mind
but stay away from the frost
can you remember any kind
or are they already lost?

winter's dancing
Track Name: RAW
louse kills leave
bug kills louse

bird kills bug
fox kills bird

man kills fox
arrogance kills man
Track Name: Dow Joneses Lullaby
rest yourself in me
accept yourself to be

you cannot control the way you’re suffering
Track Name: Tiny Doll
tiny doll

laying in bed
almost midnight
the sound of her breath
I know she’s all right

she came to me
like in a dream
she’s a star you won’t forget

I couldn’t believe
her choice for me
she’s a star you won’t forget

my tiny doll
tiny doll

now she is with me
still can’t believe it
she’s a star you won’t forget

hope she’ll be fine
that she keeps on shining
like a star you won’t forget

my tiny doll
tiny doll
Track Name: Those Days
desperate times, my heart longs for thee
the past is like an old friend to me

you know that those days
were the best you had
and you won't forget

every single thing you did
all the mouths you fed
everyone you’ve met

I see the blinking in your eyes
when you tell to me
how they disagreed

when you said it was no use
to be angry
with their enemy - the time

you know that it's time
to realise
where you're standing now

although you already knew
how it was
to loose someone

it never was this hard
and you can't forget
the last words he said

all these memories, you'll see
they will ease your pain
you will find your way

everlasting faith makes strong
I admire you
for the things you do

now believe me, he will stay
always at your side
even when the light is pale
Track Name: Detachment
you can let this song...
why you waited so long?

new traces are born
while old places forlorn


stuck in your lies
when you realise
it's sucking you dry
and you realise
it's time for a change

and somehow
it feels so unreal
but although
it's for real

this trace is unknown
but this time it's for real
Track Name: Met
Track Name: Believe
the sound of their breath
is filling the holes in your sky
you will know, sure you will know what to do
when the birds, they fly south
and you will know what to do when the leaves fall
when the wind gets colder
and ice is growing around your eyes
frozen tears
they can be melted and you know how to
you can get warmer and you know how to
you will find a way
I’m sure you’ll find a way

it’s said that your world is unreal
although you hear and see them shine
and your desire makes you feel
like they want you to analyse their rhymes

yeah there are many who believe
so why, shouldn’t you longer prey?
that search is part of your own dreams
who am I to keep you away?

and I just hope to meet you one day
in a world no more this hard
that you shouldn’t longer pay
for being the beautiful girl you are

oh I believe in silver shine
upon you
yeah I believe you will be fine

believe you will stay
when sun fades away
when sky only promises nothing but grey

and it’s raining inside
believe you will find
a way to recover, to free your own mind
Track Name: Happily Ever After
Track Name: Dwelling In Light
I came to forget
that dwelling in light
seems to rubbish my fight